LuckRacer Gaming Chair Footrest and Massage Lumbar Support

luckracer gaming chair

Features: PU Leather

  • Ergonomic Design Large High Back
  • Adjustable Linkage Armrest
  • Built-in USB Powdered Electric Massager
  • Tilt and Lock Rocking Back
  • 90-155 degree Recline
  • 360 Swivel
  • Adjustable Seat Height
  • Retractable Footrest
  • Sturdy Metal Frame
  • 360-degree Swivel Casters

Luckracer is designed with a unique ergonomic design High Back to help support your back and comfort for long gaming sessions or work. And comes with Soft Padded Adjustable Linkage Armrest and Built-in USB Powered Electric Massage Lumbar for added support and comfort.

You can enjoy playing your fast-moving games for hours with this Luckrecer chair with the Tilt and Lock Rocking back from 90-155 degrees and Seat height adjustment. And when adjusting the back of the chair, the lineage armrest automatically adjusts with it. This will help tale away strain and fatigue from your arms and let you enjoy the game or work even more.

When ready for a rest, just pull out the Retractable Footrest and lean back into relaxation.

This chair is made of High Quality Materials and soft, easy to clean PU Leather for beauty and comfort.

The Frame is a Sturdy Metal Frame and upgraded Gas Lift Cylinder and durable Base and has a 360 degrees Swivel Casters for easy mobility. 

LuckRacer Gaming Chair, will surprise you with all the comfort and support though your gaming days.

event_note August 1, 2021

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