GOPLUS Massage Gaming Chair

goplus gaming chair

Features: Pu Leather

  • Adjustable Armrest
  • Reclinable Backrest 90-180 degree
  • Headrest and Massage Lumbar
  • Flexible Footrest
  • PU Leather
  • Iron Frame
  • Smooth Caster Wheels
  • 330 Weight Capacity

This GOPLUS chair are designed to bring you all the comfort you could ever need when going up against a world boss or just a red player looking to add another notch on his belt. Never worry about back or shoulder pain while battling for longer hours than you wanted to. Just recline the back of the seat, enjoy the comfort it brings, & adjust the angle and height of the armrest to reach the position you need for a competitive gaming experience.

Also, you have the comfort of the Flexible Footrest to rest your legs while relaxing, making it easier than ever to take the edge off, giving you a more comfortable sitting experience.

Furthermore, the chair back reclines from 90-180 degrees flat or to your comfort. And the chair is made of PU Leather and soft quality sponge designed with the gamer’s need in mind.

And with its high back and removable headrest and massage lumbar, you can work or play for hours in comfort while being massaged to take away the stress and give more enjoyment while in a heated battle.

In addition, the frame is made of Iron and has a premium gas rod for stability. And has smooth wheels for quiet and easy movement. Moreover, the chair supports up to 330 pounds minimum.

You have a 30-day return policy, and you have to pay the return.

Are you looking for a gaming chair that can offer you more than just a comfortable ride?

Look no further than GOplus; how can they offer a full month return policy? They know for a fact you will love it.

Why not give them a shoot and move one into your home today.

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